Option 1: How to Practice Law the Healthy Way

As a lawyer and a coach I am a passionate advocate for mental wellness in the workplace. Being a lawyer can be a very stressful job. Lawyers often deal with long working hours, burn out, high conflict, time spent away from family and can suffer vicarious trauma through difficult and harrowing cases. All these factors, whether taken in isolation or combined can be detrimental to our health. I have practiced as a barrister and also as a solicitor so I understand the experiences which are unique to both sides of the profession.

In this talk I outline the practical methods lawyers can use for dealing with stress and make you aware of your triggers (as everyone’s triggers are different). Recognising triggers brings awareness to your stress levels so you can deal with it at an early stage rather than when it is too late and burn out sets in. I discuss vicarious trauma in lawyers and bring awareness to the signs to watch out for so lawyers can course correct and deal with it effectively. I give tips and strategies on how to gain a little more balance in your life so you can make the most of time outside the office.

Knowing the information imparted in this talk can help you on your way to becoming a more efficient, productive lawyer with strategies to implement for stress reduction.

This talk can be tailored to the needs of your firm or event.

Option 2: How to Cultivate a Positive Mindset and Maintain It

This talk does exactly what it says on the tin! I show you how to stop negative thinking patterns and how to cultivate a positive mindset and how to maintain it. Some of the topics discussed in this talk are outlining what are thoughts are, how we can rewire our brains to change our behaviours and habits.

Option 3: Resilience in the Workplace

This talk predominately focuses on stress reduction, identifying your triggers and how to recognise the early signs of stress before it gets out of control. I also speak about effective communication and setting boundaries. This talk can be tailored to the needs of your business or event.

Option 4: Motivational Speaking

Nothing gives me more pleasure in life than motivating and inspiring others to believe in themselves! I believe to the very core that your dream is POSSIBLE and everyone has a dream of some sort. I believe that everything we need to be successful in life is within us and the objective of this talk is to bring that out in anyone who attends this talk.

My talks are designed to bring awareness to your dreams and motivates you to live your life with PASSION and PURPOSE. The objective of my talks is to leave you feeling like you CAN do it…because you can!

These talks are suitable for schools, colleges, businesses and events. All motivational talks can be tailored to the needs of your event or business.

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